JD ROBERTS Elevates Irish growth with HAI Membership

JD ROBERTS, Ireland’s oldest importer of the well-known Blue Diamond and Ultra Diamond slate ranges, has today announced its membership in the Hardware Association Ireland (HAI) for 2023.

Since its founding in 1971, JD ROBERTS has established long-term supply chain arrangements with its European suppliers and ensured repeat business through long-term relationships with clients in Ireland and the United Kingdom bolstering its reputation for providing high-performance roofing slates suitable for the harsh Irish climate, especially in the West of Ireland.

After launching a successful rebrand in the first quarter of 2022 and after more than three decades in the Irish construction industry, the innovative company now managed by the second generation of the Roberts family has joined the HAI in order to continue to leverage their growth in the Irish hardware industry.

Commenting on the new membership, Managing Director, Jack Roberts, said, ” Builders’ merchants have always been one of our key expansion areas in Ireland. Joining the HAI gives us the chance to network with members of the hardware industry across the entirety of Ireland and to learn how we may grow our product offering to meet the needs of their consumers and how to effectively advertise to them the benefits of utilising Ireland’s oldest slate. My late father founded JD ROBERTS in Ireland, and we will continue to expand on the reputation he earned over many decades.”.

JD ROBERTS will gain a substantial amount of knowledge and insight from the Hardware Association of Ireland, which will allow them to improve workflow efficiencies and overall operational capabilities by utilising the available member resources. Jack and his will be able to obtain advice and support in a variety of areas, including credit management, debt collection, business insurance, and family business support, all provided by industry experts with sector-specific experience.

The Hardware Association International (HAI) advocates for the best interests of the hardware industry by representing its demands, particularly with regard to illicit trade in solid fuels, tax implications for enterprises, and rural company survival incentives.